Saturday, December 20, 2008

More music inspired art

This piece was part of a 5 step design series. Each step of the series was based off a different genre of music and this is the "swing" step. There were also rock, techno, rap and punk/metal but I didn't think they turned out as strong. This one seems so perfectly simple and is inspired (mainly) by line drawings that Miles Davis used to whip up.

Anyway, you'll probably see a redone version of the rock step on here eventually because I do think there is some potential to it...the rest of them will probably be buried in my backyard.

Painting Techiques

This is some experimentation with different paints. For the first piece, the left side is done with egg tempera and the right side is done with encaustics. It's a nice little comparison between really tight and loose techniques. All three poses were based off the same model and are all on one massive piece of masonite.

For the second piece, I did a reproduction of Ghirlandaio's "portrait of an old man with young boy." It is also egg tempera on masonite.

Oh and yes, the old man's nose is disgusting...