Friday, August 30, 2013

Sand Sling

 Sand Sling was a mini-game developed for McGraw Hill's FLEX Literacy program. The idea here is to teach contractions through a fun, carnival-like attraction where the player selects an answer printed on a sandbag. The player then tosses their chosen sandbag at the robotic dinosaur, who will gladly gobble up correct answers, but he gets very angry and won't even open his mouth for incorrect choices.

Clearly not the right choice

He LOVES it!
This is an image for the end screen when your score gets tallied

Monday, August 26, 2013

Professor Jasper P. Lillyfoot

Years ago I had a conversation with a buddy of mine about the type of books we would write if we were authors. I decided that I would write Sherlock Holmes novels with monsters and robots that would be ridiculous and probably awful. I did a quick sketch of the main character of the novels while we were talking, and it sat in my sketchbook for a few years.

 Eventually I decided to dig it out and do a full blown cover illustration for a book in the imaginary series. So this is the cover to Professor Jasper P. Lillyfoot in The Inexplicable Return of Cthulhu Jr.