Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Cap'n

I have an oddly large amount of childhood memories of Captain Crunch cereal. I remember being sick with a fever and I couldn't sleep so I got to eat Peanut Butter Crunch in the middle of the night (which seemed so cool for some reason) and I remember going to my grandparents house around Christmas and my grandmother would make a special note to buy Christmas Crunch for my brother and me to eat when we woke up. Anyway, the point (I guess) is that there are few breakfast foods that I treasure more than the Cap'n (so close, Scrapple), so when I got a class assignment to design the back of a cereal box, it was an easy choice (suck it, Frankenberry).

Oh and the contest and online game mentioned on the box are made up so don't bother looking for them.

Something else I should probably note, it's been 20 days since my last post. I'm not happy about that. A large chunk of it is because my computer was in the shop, but most of it is because I've been lazy. So sometime in the near future I'm hoping to get back into the swing I was in over the summer and posting something new on here every other day (I'm not about to promise a sketch-a-day deal because I don't want to flat out lie to you...fib maybe, but not lie). So be on the lookout for that.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Our first project for Thom Glick's Illustration Workshop class was to create a character based on the idea of "rodeo" and this was mine. You can check out what everyone else in the class came up with HERE.

We were later told that we will have to use this figures in a piece about the situation in Haiti...I'm so very, very screwed.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not-So-Daily Sketch: Dan and Mike

Ladies and Gentlemen, do not be afraid. What you are about to see may frighten and stupificate your face. You are about to witness a man make his hand act as...a mouth...ON STAGE. For the first time this side of the subcontinent, The Blind Danton and his magically crude friend Hobo Mike are performing in a village pub near you. Hear what heathens such as yourself are saying about the show:
"More fart jokes than one could shake one's stick at."
"Far better than the plot-ridden drivel that has been plaguing our theaters."
"I liked the part where they took a break in the middle so we could all go to the bathroom."

On a side note, who else is watching the super bowl right now? No one is because Bud Light's advertising is far too effective and we've all run off to the beer store, right? Right.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Hello, Internets. Over winter break, I did a little freelancing and here is the bulk of my efforts: SNOWBOARDS (this may be the first genuine exclamation point used on this blog)! Out of ten or so options, these four concepts are currently being shown to some higher-ups and if selected, we could all be boardin' on some Dave art this time next year. They're aimed at younger boys which should help explain the use of bright colors and monkeys.

Board 1- I have some strange obsession with genetically modified gorillas...hopefully kids do too.
Board 2-This is based really really strongly off of the monsters-attacking-a-city project I did last year. The monsters were changed to yetis to give it some connection to winter.
Board 3- An attempt at summing up the strangeness that I'm becoming known for...I guess.
Board 4- What's snow without yetis? Right? RIGHT?!?!

Will any of them be selected? Stay tuned to find out.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not-So-Daily Sketch: Slave to the Dew

This is about battling substance dependence...or something. I'm pretty sure neon-green caffeine juice is the sole reason I survived finals last's also the sole reason my insides no longer work properly. I think I'm blind in one eye and if kidney seizures are a real thing, I might have em.

More importantly, this piece was done for Sketch to Death. THAT'S RIGHT, IT'S BACK! You should all probably quit your jobs and hang out on that blog all day.

Monday, February 1, 2010