Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not-So-Daily Sketch: Dan and Mike

Ladies and Gentlemen, do not be afraid. What you are about to see may frighten and stupificate your face. You are about to witness a man make his hand act as...a mouth...ON STAGE. For the first time this side of the subcontinent, The Blind Danton and his magically crude friend Hobo Mike are performing in a village pub near you. Hear what heathens such as yourself are saying about the show:
"More fart jokes than one could shake one's stick at."
"Far better than the plot-ridden drivel that has been plaguing our theaters."
"I liked the part where they took a break in the middle so we could all go to the bathroom."

On a side note, who else is watching the super bowl right now? No one is because Bud Light's advertising is far too effective and we've all run off to the beer store, right? Right.


Chubs said...

Other quotes:

"It was better than that root canal I had. The one without laffy gas."

"I like being in rooms that are mostly dark."

"I love Jeff Dunham, so I loved watching this while I ate pennies."

Dave Armstrong said...

HEY MISTER! You remember who's blog this is? If anyone's gonna make fun of jeff dunham and his fans it's going to be ME!