Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This week's Weekly Design Challenge topic was God/Gods/Religion, so I chose to do an image of Dionysus, the greek god of wine.
My research shows that he was typically shown as a thin, feminine man-child, and not a purple, obese jackass. Clearly, I made the right choice.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Gallery of Mo

This is a piece I did for Movember's Gallery of Mo. It's a very cool group who ask for people to donate money and a photo of themselves, and in return, an artist of their choosing volunteers to use the photo as reference and create a custom portrait featuring the addition of a handsome mustache. So the donator gets a nice piece of art, and their money goes toward fighting prostate cancer. It's a great group of people, working for a great cause and keeping a really fun, upbeat attitude about it.

I did this piece for their 2012 gallery. I just recently found it in my files and decided to touch it up. You can check out the organization and other portraits here:

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Our weekly design challenge this week was "Movies currently in theaters." I decided to go with Man of Steel but slowly started drawing Bizzaro instead. Bizzaro is a character I know next to nothing about other than he's a gray, zombie looking version of Superman who talks like an idiot and there was a Seinfeld episode based on the concept of Bizzaro World. So I hope comic fans will forgive me if there are glaring inaccuracies with the character.
Anyway, it was a fun excuse to play around with the polygonal lasso tool in photoshop.

I guess it's also fair to note that I don't think Bizzaro has anything to do with the Man of Steel film... so... sorry about that?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

iPhone Monster Game

About a year ago, I did some concept work for a group of guys who were developing an iPhone game that had the players battling lil monsters against their friends. The project didn't wind up going very far, but here's some of the concept art I did based on two of their character descriptions. One was a cute mummy character name Rabba that would use his bandages as weapons, and the other was a flying fire turtle named Zarok.



Early game screen concept
This was really fun work, and I'm sorry that it didn't wind up going anywhere.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Wolvie Sketch

I did a quick sketch of this guy's head a while ago and decided to fill out his body. I personally like my Wolverines a little squatty and broad. In my mind, the guy should look like a hard drinkin' brawler (fulla meat n' grit) and a little less thin and agile. Quick, powerful arm swipes? Sure. But I don't imagine a guy with metal bones sprinting or doing backflips or anything like that.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fire-Eater Sketch

How do you eat fire without singeing your mustache?

I barely blog at all anymore. Which I would love to say is because I've been busy firing brilliance onto canvases but I'm afraid it's the opposite. This year I haven't been posting much because I haven't been doing many finished pieces in my free-time. The most frustrating thing about it is I'm not really sure why.
I've started a lot of them. Trust me, there are probably 20 projects that are started but a fairly busy schedule has kept me from going back and finishing them up. Also, posting finished pieces online is somehow strangely difficult for me to do. Which is, of course, ridiculous. It's just a few clicks and writing a hilarious fart joke under the image. I'm sure there are a lot of excuses for what I've been doing instead of focusing on/posting artwork, but excuses are just excuses and they are UNACCEPTABLE!

Anyway, this lil sketch is hopefully a step in the right direction. Cracking my knuckles, knocking the cobwebs from my stylus and producing (and maybe actually posting) some new artwork. I'm making a genuine effort to get back in the game. I hope to see you all back here soon. I promise to bring fresh goodies and hopefully some less self-consumed ramblings.
You feel free to bring some oreos.