Thursday, September 18, 2008

Childrens book line drawings

These are three line drawings for my children illustration class. One is about a monster (sock-topus) under the bed during a sleepover. Kids clearly don't take kindly to sock theft. The next is about an inventor dad who has some very 'imaginative' children. The next is about wedgies (I assume those are always funny) and the last one is about...well a confused bear and kids who like to think they're bears. All of these are done in pen.

Some Freelance Work

Ok, heres two freelance projects I did.
The first was a mascot design I did for Scott Musterel's "Musterel's Monster Chili." Scott competes in chili contests and wanted a creation that was similar to the "cookie monster" but fit in more with the idea of chili. So, I deviled the guy up a bit and gave him a steamy bowl of the hot stuff with a big "C" bite taken out of it.

It was done with pencil and pen work then it was taken into photoshop for some color.

The second piece is a logo design I did for the Mechanical Contractors Association of Northwest Pennsylvania. It's more or less revisions of a lot of old imagery they had all smashed together into one icon. The blue area of the PA outline is the group of counties they cover. You can learn more about the MCA of NWPA at their website HERE.

"Let's get serious"

Ok, so there is a bit of a history to this piece. Originally, I was going to have it done by the time the "dark knight" came out in theaters. When I didn't finish it by then, I took a break on it (primarily because I had no idea what to do with the background) and I completely forgot the piece even existed. Now, several months later, I found it and finished it and now it's up for the world to see.

And I'm pretty darn sick of looking at it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So, it's been a while since I've thrown anything new up here...
This is a caricature of Hunter S. Thompson done entirely in photoshop. There are a lot of references to his work throughout the piece and there is also stylized smoke (who doesn't love some stylized smoke?).