Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some Freelance Work

Ok, heres two freelance projects I did.
The first was a mascot design I did for Scott Musterel's "Musterel's Monster Chili." Scott competes in chili contests and wanted a creation that was similar to the "cookie monster" but fit in more with the idea of chili. So, I deviled the guy up a bit and gave him a steamy bowl of the hot stuff with a big "C" bite taken out of it.

It was done with pencil and pen work then it was taken into photoshop for some color.

The second piece is a logo design I did for the Mechanical Contractors Association of Northwest Pennsylvania. It's more or less revisions of a lot of old imagery they had all smashed together into one icon. The blue area of the PA outline is the group of counties they cover. You can learn more about the MCA of NWPA at their website HERE.

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