Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So, it's been a while since I've thrown anything new up here...
This is a caricature of Hunter S. Thompson done entirely in photoshop. There are a lot of references to his work throughout the piece and there is also stylized smoke (who doesn't love some stylized smoke?).



Matt M. said...

Holy crap. You seriously just blew my mind, son. I haven't seen anything you've done in a while and having it all slap me in the face at once was almost unsettling- almost. Don't worry, I'm still settled, but I was very close to being the opposite of settled.

Your shit is awesome. I'm very proud of you, son.

Chubs said...

I like that you scrambled the numbers on the wristwatch...nice touch.

Do you think anyone that reads this thinks I'm related to you and Matt is not? I would guess not.

datmama4 said...

As long as it's "Dave's Relatives Respond to His Art" Day, I suppose I should add my own comment here. My favorite part is the typewriter with all the keys associated with swearing in print -- !@#$% and those other words I never say. But is four cigarettes at one time really enough?