Thursday, July 24, 2008

"the Mold Gremlin"

So, I am currently working for a company named "Beaumont Technologies, Inc." which focuses on optimizing melt delivery systems for the injection molding industry. I was brought on to take care of some of their art related tasks and one of them was a creature called "the mold gremlin." This has been a bit of a legend around the office for a while and they wanted to give it a face and use it in their advertising. So here are a few of the early concepts of the mold gremlin. If you would like to see more of him, he is featured in the monthly comic series "Short Shots" which is put out by Beaumont and illustrated by me. They go into the legend of the mold gremlin and all the problems he can cause and also pokes fun at the injection industry. You can view them on the Beaumont website. And once again, check regularly as they come out every month (eventually they may or may not feature monkeys and ninjas....yeah they totally will.)

The mold gremlin and all related characters and what-have-you belong to Beaumont Technologies, Inc.


Mike Puncekar said...

Lookin' good dave! Sounds like a nice gig to have.

Unknown said...

Just letting you know that those comics are still making people laugh. Nice work Dave!