Friday, February 5, 2010


Hello, Internets. Over winter break, I did a little freelancing and here is the bulk of my efforts: SNOWBOARDS (this may be the first genuine exclamation point used on this blog)! Out of ten or so options, these four concepts are currently being shown to some higher-ups and if selected, we could all be boardin' on some Dave art this time next year. They're aimed at younger boys which should help explain the use of bright colors and monkeys.

Board 1- I have some strange obsession with genetically modified gorillas...hopefully kids do too.
Board 2-This is based really really strongly off of the monsters-attacking-a-city project I did last year. The monsters were changed to yetis to give it some connection to winter.
Board 3- An attempt at summing up the strangeness that I'm becoming known for...I guess.
Board 4- What's snow without yetis? Right? RIGHT?!?!

Will any of them be selected? Stay tuned to find out.


Rachel Dangerfield said...

THIS IS SO COOL. How did you keep this project hidden from us? If I were a twelve year old boy (gotta love a sentence that starts out like that...) I would have a tough time choosing.

...But I would of course end up getting the gorilla brain board. It's irresistible.

Anonymous said...

These are great bro. I'm not crazy about the colors but I'm also not 12. Fun!