Monday, March 23, 2009

"Ouzo the Clown"

There are two explanations for this piece. The first would be that after a lifetime of children's birthday parties and faded dreams, Ouzo the Clown has given up on life. He was raised to be a great performer, but now only has the delusional dreams of a drunkard to keep him company in the back alleys of Jersey. He will never know the taste of fame or fortune...only the taste of cheap booze...and failure.

A simpler explanation would be that I had to illustrate the word "Delusion" for styles and concepts class and I wanted to experiment with a different way of doing a thought bubble.

Hopefully, this piece is a sign of things to come. I actually limited myself to a color scheme (something I really need to put more effort into) and attempted an interesting lighting situation. I might like it. Perhaps you will too.

1 comment:

'turff said...

this is where i went....after YEARS of kiddie illustrations..."steak and chocolate sauce" was born...the! nice work dave...check out the movie starring Bob-cat Goldwaith..." Shakes the Clown"