Friday, April 9, 2010

So what are YOU doing tonight?

Are you sitting at home being a giant loser with nothing to do on this lovely Friday night? Well, if you're in the Columbus area, I've got some last minute plans (the best kind of plans) for you! If you want to have some fun (and your idea of fun is standing in a room of awkward Illustration majors in collared shirts) you should come to the CCAD Art of Illustration show on the second floor of the Canzani Center. If you're not in Columbus or think you have something more important to do tonight, don't worry your delusional little head, the show will be up through April 17th. So come support some very talented artists and give your eyes something yummy to gawk at.
If you're a follower of the blog, you may recognize these two pieces from me...or maybe not...WHO KNOWS!


Rachel Dangerfield said...

Congratulations on the win Dave! You completely deserved it. Still one of my favorite pieces from you.

Dave Armstrong said...

Thanks, Rachel. Tonight, we can all go out and celebrate the victory with large amounts of smoked pork and a children's movie.