Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Devil went down to Georgia" sculpture

About a year ago, I did a sketch of the Charlie Daniels Band's song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." For some reason, when staring into a big pile of sculpey, the sketch popped into my mind and this fella came into being.
There are some pretty clear changes between the two pieces. Johnny is now taking a more active role in the piece because the old pose, while funnier, was pretty boring. The smoke has become more stylized in shaping and color. Also, the shaping of the devil is a little different and the sombrero, vest and arm tattoos have gone by the wayside. The vest and hat were sculpted, but for some reason just looked goofy when worn. I blame it on this devil's less pointy head. At some point, I'd like to rig up some red lighting to come up through the smoke to shine on the devil's face.

I have another one of these sculptures that should be up pretty soon. So keep your peepers peeping.


Rachel Dangerfield said...

Is that two posts in one week? Color me impressed.

I LOVE this one. I still think you should do more with 3D. And that thing you did with the type in the corner? Yeah, that looks pretty snappy too.

Dave Armstrong said...

Once I dig out my sculpting stuff, I'll probably do a bunch of little 3D projects. Perhaps I will give them to friends?