Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bang Pop 1

My friend Joe hooked me up with some work, so to return the favor, I promised I'd do some doodles for his band "Bang Pop!" I'd try to explain what type of music they perform, but I feel like their official description does a better job than I ever could:

"It's exactly what most of us did when we were 16 years old, but now we're like 25 years old doing it.. So its way cooler? We create music from the sewage sounds of punk rock to RAP that will leave exit wounds all up in your dome.
Not gunna lie. Probably 95% of the lyrics are going to be written with booze. Because that's how the flow gets spit. ...I don't write the rules. We never make rules. ..But the booze stays.
We sing about the easy targets like Bro-Montanas and kids who do air dusters! But we also have a very large heart for the things that matter in life... Like eating good food for cheap and amateur strippers. Or both combined at a nicely priced $10.99 strip buffet that offers a fair range of morning fruit, to which would then play out as an adequate brunch if one chose to bring the family along as a last minute meal decision.


Tyler Parkinson said...

ah very cool, went with the whole Mcbess feel :D

Dave Armstrong said...

I would love to say I just wanted to do an adult-steam-boat-willie sort of thing...but really anything even remotely like that is just McBess, isn't it.

The only thing better than noodle arms is noodle arms with tattoos!