Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not-So-Daily Sketch: Wolfman

Halloween fun fact: I've heard that the term "werewolf" comes from warg-wolf, which in Old Norse, translates roughly to Outlaw Wolf. I like this substantially more than werewolf because "outlaw wolf" sounds like:
1. a late 80's metal album
2. a terrible anime
3. A news story about a mutated wolf who has learned to use a firearm and has yet to be caught

*Note- When I use the word "heard," it often means "according to wikipedia." This would be one of those occasions. Also, you can expect my solo album Running with the Outlaw Wolf just in time for the holiday season. It will be hoooooooooorrible.


Tyler Parkinson said...

haha wolves are naughty, cool post :)

Jake Murray said...

I'll be looking forward to getting my hands on that new album Dave. It better be HORRIBLE!

Rachel Dangerfield said...

So excited for the album to drop. I feel like we've been waiting for this for YEARS.

Also, awesome.

Dave Armstrong said...

It's no "Be'f Joz" album, but it will have to do.