Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not-So-Daily Sketch: Mad Science

Because nothing is more exciting than pouring test tubes into beakers while laughing like an idiot.


Rachel Dangerfield said...

I only like this if Jake Murray and Patrick Moore like it.

Regardless though, those tiny hands are so so special.

Dave Armstrong said...

Patrick moore only claims to like things I do so I won't call him at 3 in the morning, sobbing into the phone.

I still do, but it's for different reasons.

Anonymous said...

Tiny hands, tiny robot hands, a rectangle nose, 3 a.m. phone calls. These are all things that I love about life. And sense Rachel likes 1.5 of these, I have decided that I am totally a fan.

But I'm still waiting for Jakes final verdict...
P.S. It's almost your birthday, brace yourself!