Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Banner/Branding?

Is anyone else sick of Mountain Dew colored smiley faces and punk-rock lettering?

I'm hoping to get some feedback on this rough idea for some new branding. I think this look fits me a bit better and looks a weeeeeee bit more professional.

Anyway, tear it apart with honesty and let me know what you think. Any input is GREATLY appreciated. If the blog winds up looking nice, I'm going to revamp the website and update all my branding. If it doesn't look nice, I'll do none of that and see how long it takes me to chug a box of Bugles.


Jake Murray said...

I think the type is definitely more you. I actually kind of enjoy the vertical line thing you've got going with the imagery, but there's something not quite there yet for me. I guess I'm not really feeling the placement of the images within the lines. What if maybe you blew the images up and had them fill all the vertical lines, but have each line alternate back and forth between images. Does that make sense? It could end up looking awful, but it may be something to experiment with......

Dave Armstrong said...

I could definitely play with that. Maybe it's even as simple as throwing some more images in there so all the verticals are filled (or at least a majority of them)?

And the old font has been wearing on me for a while now. I honestly don't remember why it seemed like such a good idea at the time...

Erik Johnson said...

The faces are a definite positive, it helps people know right away what kind of artwork and quirky style that people can associate with you.

While I like the curvy distortion shape of the banner, I'm not too keen on the multiple panel divisions holding the image. Its clever, but I think it can be a little distracting.

I like the text for "Dave Armstrong". Its cleaner and crisper than the original, but the lopsided nature compliments the goofy faces. Does this font have a name? I know I've seen it before.

The lead from left face looking right, to right face looking down, to the "T" Arrow pointing down is perfect.

I wonder if if you tried "Mildly Enjoyable Artwork" in lowercase. Right now it works, but I'm just curious.

Hope that helps. Looks good to me so far.

Dave Armstrong said...

Thanks Eric.
The version of the font I found is called Stereofidelic, but I know there are a lot of similar fonts out there.
Oh, and I'm definitely giving the lowercase idea a try.
Thanks again!

Rachel Dangerfield said...

I just got super excited. The "Dave Armstrong" font and arrow is GREAT. Such a step up.

I think the vertical design is really great too, actually. Maaaybe I'd mess around with how you throw the illustrations into the shapes some more, just to see if you land on something better... but to be honest, it looks pretty great as is. I don't think I'd fill all of the shapes though. If you lose the black up there, you lose a lot of the flow into your headline.

Then, as far as the blog layout goes, if you're going to revamp it, I'd simplify the crap out of it and get rid of a lot of the boxes. Just let your art speak for itself, you know?

Over all, I'm a really really big fan so far. Don't screw this up, Armstrong!

Rachel Dangerfield said...

I may have used the word "great" a few too many times. Sorry for my enthusiasm. I'll work on getting some new adjectives.

Tyler Parkinson said...

I like the type, but I'd rethink the top part, maybe a long box with a row of your crazy heads?...The colors should pop(too much muted blue and pale browns) You're fun...so be fun! Also I'm hoping you fail(please record and send me a copy of you Bugle binge-eating)

hope this helps :D

Anonymous said...

What are bugles? I'll just google it after I write this. But yeah, I like what you're doing here. As much as I enjoy it and attribute it to solely you and MD, I think you might have grown out of that color scheme. I think the blue and grey is a little more proper. Good choice on the fat kid. Rachel, you sound like tony the tiger.