Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Note to Self

Sometimes, I think my memory might be fading. A few years back, I never needed to write down anything, but now it seems like I'm constantly jotting down assignments, song titles and countless other reminders. Give it a few more years and I'm sure this will be an accurate depiction of my work space.

Anyway, this is one of the first time's I've done a piece entirely in on the computer. Even sketching was done on the ol wacom tablet, which is something I'm trying to get into the practice of doing. I think it helped me loosen up with shaping (it's so hard to stiffen up and prematurely commit to designs when undos flow like cheap box-wine).

Oh and some new tee designs are on their way. Probably ones that aren't as disturbing as the banana one....probably. If you have any suggestions or requests, feel free to let me know.


Jake Murray said...

Nice man. Are we to assume that you will be a balding brunette when you get older too? Cuz we could start a club!

Anonymous said...

They're are so many awesome and ridiculous things that I want to say but I'll try and be a bit classy and go with something all like...Brilliant...I love everything about that computer!

Tyler Parkinson said...

Haha that looks like my desk so much its scary... stay out of my apartment dave! Love the shaping in this one :)

Dave Armstrong said...

Thanks, dudes!

And Tyler, I'm like cockroaches; There's no getting rid of me!