Friday, August 19, 2011

"Luck of the Cricket" Revisited

I recently decided to touch up some old portfolio pieces (and destroy some others) and the first one to get a fresh coat of paint is the "Luck of the Cricket." I've always liked the layout and color scheme of it but recently, I realized how horrible the actual painting is. You can check out the old version HERE and have a nice laugh.

In short, the piece is based off of the superstition that a cricket on the mantel is good luck.

Hopefully, I'll have some time to touch up some more of these and maybe even do some new, original art. I may also bench press a car. Ya never know.


Anonymous said...

Massive improvement...Always been a huge fan of this piece and you simply took it to a new level!

Jake Murray said...

Gotta agree with Pat. This looks really nice compared to the old version. I can't remember; was the original one done digitally or with acrylics? Or both?

Dave Armstrong said...

The old one was acrylics and colored pencils and a few little pieces of type done on the computer.

I'm really starting to see the advantages of working digitally. said...

Nice face lift!