Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Sketches II

You're prayers have been answered. You called for more filler posts...well by garsh you got 'em. This time there are some speed paintings thrown in and even the original "rock step" from the music inspired art series a few posts down.

So enjoy the magic of the grim reaper getting punk'd, a pub crawl logo, a rabid hamster and Hellboy (which is the property of Mike Mignola, and not me in any way).

Sorry there aren't any miley cyrus caricatures in this group. I'm pretty sure if I draw another one I get put on some sort of list.

Once the AOI thing and SOI (various competitions) are done, I will hopefully have time to slap some real work on here. Until then...

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Mike Puncekar said...


Your a hellboy fan? Dave. We need to talk. Have a hug party. Then go find Mignola.