Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's been a while...

Why hello there. I saw you from across the room and couldn't help but come over and introduce myse...wait! BLOG?!?!?! IS THAT YOU? My God! I didn't even recognize you! Have you done something different with your hair or perhaps contacts?

Alright enough of that. Yes the blog has looked a little different for about a month now. The font colors have changed and the banner no longer has those thousand weird little eyeballs staring back at you...judging you...and there is good reasoning for this: BRANDING! Over the past few months I've been developing a unified look for myself and that big, grinning face at the top of the page is the core of that look.

So what's the reasoning behind these seemingly unnecessary changes? The birth of A BRAND NEW WEBSITE! (is this coming off sarcastic yet?) Yes, DAVEARMSTRONGART.COM is now up and running and waiting to delight you with whimsical, daveish delights. I strongly advise everyone in the blogoland to go there and tell your friends what a fun time you had. "Life Changing" is not too strong of a term. I also advise you to send me expensive gifts, but we can discuss that at a later time.

So take a look at DAVEARMSTRONGART.COM and snoop around the blog and let me know what you think. Maybe it's a childhood of punk music influencing my thoughts but all this branding sickens me slightly, but only slightly. Chalk it up to a fear of becoming an adult/professional (shudders).

I'm currently touching up some finals from last semester and trying to get my sleep schedule back into existence in hopes of fixing my brain, so expect some new work to find it's way on here. And if it doesn't, just assume I'm actually enjoying the holiday season and hope you do the same. Don't over nog yourself!


Megs said...

Oh my Goodness Dave I knew you were funny, but I really had no idea how funny!

Chubs said...

I will nog myself to whatever concentration I deem necessary.