Sunday, January 3, 2010

Big Ten

Happy New Year, Blogginsville! I've been pretty busy doing absolutely nothing productive (shoveling sugar cookies into my face and getting caught up in some pretty intense Left 4 Dead 2 binges) which is often the cause of lulls in productivity around here. But here is something shiny and (somewhat) new for you to peep all over.

This was one of the first projects of the year, actually but I've been monkeying around with it here and there for a while now. The assignment was to take six of the Big Ten mascots and put them into my style. It's surprisingly easy to whittle the group down to six considering half of them look fairly similar (badgers and wolverines, nittany lions and wild cats, etc) and things like Hawks look stupid in jerseys. So I settled on the Nittany Lions, Buckeyes, Spartans, Badgers, Boiler Makers and Golden Gophers.

Originally the piece was going to center on Brutus (much like it does now) but he was about to get smashed by all the other mascots and was screaming like a ninny. It would be a bit of a revenge piece for last years season. My professor eventually pointed out that while there are markets for an invidual team being shown as the winner, there really aren't markets for an individual team being pointed out as a loser. So, as much as it pained me (and trust me, it did) I changed the buckeye's expression and pose so it looks as though he is outrunning the competition and about to score a touchdown...eww.

Hopefully I'll get some more stuff from last semester up here before the next semester starts.

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7414Stars said...

Wow, this is really cool! I'm not familiar with Football but I heard about "Big Ten".
I love the texture of the grass. Very nicely done illustration!