Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Everything is Navi's fault...EVERYTHING!

Occasionally, I actually look back at some of the work on this blog and a lot of the time, it reminds me how many projects I've planned and never finished. For instance, some time back, I posted a sketch of mega-man blasting a whole in cutsman's stomach. I had a fun time drawing it and thought, 'Hey, I'm nerdy enough to turn this into a whole series of old video game fan art things'. Well I didn't do anything with that idea until now. Here is a Legend of Zelda picture that would be the second part in the series (the mega man will be the first if I ever clean it up). Ideally I'd like to put 8 of these together (kind of an 8-bit thing)...but that will probably never reach completion.

I remember playing Legend of Zelda: OOT when I was younger and having mini panic attacks whenever I walked into a room and a shadow would appear over me and that creepy noise would start. Wallmasters have haunted my dreams ever since. Anyway, this is Link listening to some of Navi's always helpful advice (Hey, maybe the water temple is in the lake!) and completely missing the floormaster creepin' up behind him.

Legend of Zelda and all its characters are property of Nintendo.

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Anonymous said...

Haha this is awesome, I like the color choices