Monday, November 1, 2010

Battle for Cuyahoga

Ohio's Cuyahoga County has developed a reputation for political scandal and corruption. Hopefully, the upcoming election will solve all that with the restructuring of the county's government and the creation of the position of County Executive. This illustration was done for a Great Lakes Life article on the subject titled "The Battle for Cuyahoga."

Below are some concepts for the piece that didn't make the cut. Because the article went to print before the election, we couldn't feature the actual winner, so a faceless politician sounded like an interesting visual. Once I actually started to render it out, however, it took a creepy turn. I still like the concept, but it doesn't really fit the article. So instead we went with something flat and graphic with a lil Russian propaganda influence.

Anyone else find it odd when actual political subjects are raised on this blog? It gets oddly serious. Maybe the next post will have a fart joke...


Rachel Dangerfield said...

That looks GREEEAT. Totally different. More fart jokes though, please. Also, coincidentally, my word verification prompt to post this comment is "FLART". Blogger is sending you a sign.

Jake Murray said...

You are one hell of an idea man, Dave. Keep 'em coming! Hahaha.....FLART.

Dave Armstrong said...

HAHAHA FLART. Forget branding, I'm changing the name of this place to FlartBlog.

Rachel- I'm the only illustrator here, so occasionally I like to try something a little different so the whole magazine isn't full of goofy lil cartoons.

Jake- You're a nice dude